Fluto is a colossal electronic wind instrument. With Fluto, you can conduct a visual symphony with friends by blowing into your phone.

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Fluto was created in Fall 2018 by the team of Yu-Hao Ko, Meicheng Jia, Rebecca Skurnik, and myself for our interactive Pop-Up Windows Display class at ITP. It was also displayed at NYU ITP’s 2018 Winter Show.

Fluto has also been selected to be shown at American Design Club 2019 Sound & Vision Show in Times Square NYC, ISEA 2019 Electronic Art Symposium in Gwagji, Korea, and the 2019 Come Out and Play Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

[project website]

10 tubes of light in 2 windows

floating balls in each tube

tube fans controlled through an app

blowing to active the tube fans